Teen Dynamix Workshop

chrysalis equine therapy

This experiential 2 day workshop is an awesome and interactive way of providing teens with the opportunity to explore the feelings behind their communications, better understand their personality styles and how they affect relationships, building boundaries, self-esteem, peer group issues and effective leadership. Our days are spent connecting and interacting with horses through ground exercises (no riding) and reflecting on and discussing insights.

This program helps teens learn the value of patience and the need to be focused, connected, and committed. They learn about relationships and how their thoughts, feelings and actions affect others close to them. Working with a horse strengthens communication skills, decision-making abilities and judgment skills. It helps the students develop and increase self-awareness and leadership, while learning that they need to be responsible for themselves and others.

Join Us

  • Where: Legends Equistrian Centre, Morningstar
  • Cost: R800 per person
  • Minimum Age: 13 years old

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