Our therapy programmes are structured around doing ground based activities with the horses, Teen Dynamix with specific targets in mind.The client learns reinforcement through mastering these tasks & both verbalises & corrects answers by demonstrating the requisite skills.

The overall goal of our programmes lie in assisting clients in the application of problem-solving that delays immediate behavioural response & fosters consideration of other possible & hopefully more adjustment enhancing responses.

Chrysalis Equine therapy presents various interactive workshops that explore areas that we are challenged with in our daily lives.The focus is on personal growth and learning and providing
Chrysalis Equinesupport for clients, while on their journey of self discovery.

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What to expect:

There is no horse riding that takes place. Rather, it involves setting up problem-solving activities that involve the horses. These activities are designed to reveal important insights and require the client or group to apply certain skills. We then process the activity to gain insight and metaphors into the client’s life.

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