Children with ADHD/ADD

ADHD_p2Many studies have shown that Equine assisted therapy has tremendous benefits for children with ADHD/ADD. Studies have demonstrated more confidence, greater ability to pay attention in class, less hyperactivity, and increase in social skills, & less oppositional behaviour than they had before the sessions. Clients are often forced to change their behaviour in order to change the behaviour of the horse, thereby taking responsibility for their own behaviours.

Our Programme:

Our teaching programme is structured around doing ground based activities with the horses, with specific targets in mind. The child learns reinforcement through mastering these tasks & both verbalises & corrects answers by demonstrating the requisite skills.

The overall goal of our programme lies in assisting children with ADHD/ADD in the application of problem-solving that delays immediate behavioural response & fosters consideration of other possible & hopefully more adjustment enhancing responses.

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